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Master's Program

Degree Program

  1. What is “Degree Program”?, Why “Degree Program”? Anything special about “Degree Program”?
  2. In order to highlight certain Master’s degrees in specific fields from conventional Master-level programs, the Ministry of Education (MOE) has set up the “Master’s Degree Program”, whose graduates will be given a Master’s degree upon graduation. The NDHU’s Department of Information Management has specifically set up a “Master ’s Degree Program in Information Management (MDPIM)” as a response to the MOE, and to the rapid development of Digital Content and Knowledge Management.
  3. What is the difference between “Degree Program” and regular Master-level Program?
  4. Since the graduates of both programs receive a Master’s degree, the two programs are rather similar; the only difference is that the MDPIM emphasizes Digital Content and Knowledge Management.
  5. Is “Degree Program” recognized by the Ministry of Education as equivalent to regular Master’s Degree?
  6. The MDPIM is established according to the University Law, the degree is perfectly recognized by the MOE.
  7. What is the relationship between MDPIM and Information Management?
  8. The MDPIM featuring Digital Content, E-Commerce, and Knowledge Management as its main directions is established by the Department of Information Management and focusing on the development of digital technology instead of conventional management of human resources and facilities.
  9. Since MDPIM is novel, is the degree generally recognized by the industry?
  10. The industry has already accepted graduates holding a Bachelor’s degree with some certificates in specific fields; in light of that, a Master’s degree plus some specific program will without doubt acquire approval from the industry.
  11. What is the title of the degree?
  12. The degree title offered to graduates from the Department of Information Management is “Master of Business Administration” for the Dept. belongs to the College of Management. Under that circumstance, MDPIM graduates will receive the degree of “Master of Business Administration” as well.
  13. Is the degree recognized by higher education systems abroad?
  14. Since the degree of MDPIM is legitimate, it is also recognized and accepted by colleges and universities abroad.
  15. What is the research directions emphasized by MPDIM?
  16. Digital Content, E-Commerce, and Knowledge Management.
  17. Does MDPIM emphasize Management or Information?
  18. Both fields are taken care of for MDPIM employs specialized information technology to probe into the application of digital content, e-commerce, and knowledge management.

Schedule for Master’s Program

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