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Department of Information Management,
No.1, Sec. 2, Da Hsueh Rd., Shoufeng, Hualien 97401, Taiwan, R.O.C.
Tel+886-3-890-3000 #3102


Our campus is located beside Provincial Highway No. 9 (exit past the 216km marker for the Zhixue Gate or past the 218km marker for the Main Gate). The Zhixue Gate is 16km from the rear entrance of Hualien train station, 17.2km from the front entrance of Hualien train station, 3.5km from Shoufeng train station, 1km from Zhixue train station, and 21km from Hualien airport. Since the campus has an area of 251 hectares (650 acres), bicycles are highly recommended for campus-wide transportation.
There are many different types of train and their service and level of comfort depend on the price. For timetables and prices please see the Taiwan Railways Administration website. During peak times, it is better to book your ticket in advance. Some trains just go to Hualien City while others stop near the university (Zhixue train station). Transport by train from Taipei to Hualien City takes about 2-3 hours depending on the price of the ticket, while from Hualien City to the campus takes about 15-30 minutes.)
This is the fastest and the most convenient method of transport. A single ticket costs around NT$ 1,400. The flight takes about 35 minutes and you have to use the domestic airport at Songshan in Taipei City. After arrival in Hualien, you can arrive our campus by bus or taxi.
The cheapest way to get from Hualien City to the campus is by local bus (NT$ 36) or more expensively
The price is about NT$ 300(From Hualien City), Beipu Taxi Co. 0800-026-233, 03-826-2333.
It takes 5.5 hours via Suhua Highway from Taipei, taking 8 hours via Central Cross-lsland Highway from Taichung. Via Provincial Highway No. 9(by Valley) or No. 11(by Coast), it takes 7 hours from Kaohsiuong and 2.5 hours from Taitung.

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